The latest issue of Interview magazine features 10-year-old actress Keirnan Shipka who plays Sally Draper on Mad Men dressed up like an Upper East Side dowager four times her age. We knew Betty was a bad mother, but damn.

Sure, child stars are always going to get a bunch of press because of their occupation, and that's fine within reason, but is dressing a little girl up in this year's freshest fashions and asking her about fashion trends the appropriate kind of questions? "I love Chanel...I love Burberry," she tells the magazine. You're ten! You should love SpongeBob SquarePants and recess and ponies, not gowns that you won't be able to afford even when you're an adult. And couldn't Interview think up some more age-appropriate questions like, "What's your favorite subject in school?" or "Is January Jones really a slutty drunk?" If she's used to this kind of treatment at 10, imagine how bad the always-insufferable teenage years will be.