A Dutch man told his family to leave him alone, then slammed his bedroom door. For four years nobody opened it. This week they found him dead in his bed. "Foul play is not suspected." Wait—seriously?

Several perplexing questions remain.

• How long was he alive in the bedroom?
• Was he in there the whole time?
• Where did his family think he was?
• Did they think of him at all?
• How did they think he was nourishing himself?
• Where did they think he was going to the bathroom?
• Shouldn't some sort of... smell... have wafted into the hallway around year three?
• What killed him?
• His family found him in the bed while renovating the house. How, when they decided to do that, did someone not suddenly remember, Holy shit, speaking of the window treatments in Wilhelm's room, have you see Wilhelm in the last, hmm, four years?
• Didn't they ever want to vacuum his room, or maybe clean the window?
• Is Holland aware of the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
• Are we sure DutchNews.nl translated this story correctly?
• There has to be more to this story, right?!

If someone who knows Dutch wants to read the original article or scour google.nl for answers, do tell us what you find. It will either give us peace of mind or prevent us from sleeping soundly ever again for the rest of our lives, depending. [Dutch News via Bullfightsonacid, image via blueking/Shutterstock]