Movies have always been a favorite summer pastime. Who can forget that scene in Grease when all of Rydell High could be seen at the drive-in, jumping into each other's cars while movies played in the background.

Families flock to the drive-in when it starts to get warmer, teenagers flee their parents to attend screenings and achieve a little freedom and gain some freedom in the darkness of the outdoor theater. Summer has left us feeling nostalgic for this summer pastime, but this is New York, and fans of the drive-in can't exactly commandeer a subway car to mimic the experience (although that would be undeniably cool). So we are hosting an outdoor movie night to take back the parts we loved the most – watching movies outside surrounded by friends, and with plenty of refreshments. The only thing missing is the backseat of your parent's Monte Carlo (let's keep this PG).

In honor of this summer pastime, and Gawker.TV are hosting a movie night and you are all invited! If you live in New York, come join us on the roof of Gawker media, located in Soho, for a hot summer night of watching movies outside under the stars. This will be a fun opportunity to meet interesting (and semi-attractive) film lovers in a city known for its iconic movie moments.

If you don't live in New York, you can still participate! Organize a movie night with your friends on July 1st, and we'll provide the popcorn! Go to, set up an event, let us know and some delicious popcorn will find its way to your house in time for the screening. Take some photos and send them to and we'll feature your movie night on the site the following Monday. Let us know where your names, where you are from and your favourite movie moments of the night!

You can choose any movie you'd like but if you'd like to follow along with us at AnyClip and Gawker.TV, we'll be watching David Wain's Wet Hot American Summer, a 2001 movie that has reached cult status with fans of comedy. Set in the 1980s at a Jewish summer camp, the movie follows a group of counsellors who are all attempting to complete some unfinished business before the day ends and summer camp is over. Hated by critics but adored by fans, the movie has gone on to achieve a cult following due to its perfection of pop satire and its hilarious cast.

E-mail for a ticket to the event
Date: July 1st 2010
Time: 8pm