Earlier this week, prosecutors released portions of a video showing NYPD cop David London beating the hell out of Army veteran Walter Harvin. Now the full video's been released (below). It clearly shows Harvin being beaten after being handcuffed.

The earlier video showed Harvin—who family members say has been somewhat mentally unstable since returning from Iraq—arguing with London and pushing him, then trying to get on the elevator at the Manhattan housing project where he lived. London responded by beating Harvin to the ground with his baton. The full video shows that after Harvin had already been beaten down and handcuffed, London proceeded to strike him some more.

Asked why he kicked Harvin after he was handcuffed, London said in court yesterday:

"He kicked me," London said, pointing to a point in the video where Harvin's legs move toward the cop.

And further:

"In my military training, if a person is down on the ground, they're trained to kick your legs from underneath you, and they're still a threat," the officer said.