We had a great time at Destination Bar last night, and not only because they had air conditioning. Here's a few highlights (and crazy lights) from the event.

Nick McGlynn without his camera!

Anna Edwards, Chris Crowl, and "Dubra" Dave Olson, Anna's apparently missing something up on the wall


Chris Dignes. The night that Dignes went insane (with happiness)

Only David Matthews shows up on film


Blakeley, being snuck upon by a flood

Zach Mack, Caroline Newman, Kristina Lucarelli, David Matthews looking sinister in background

Alison Flood, with Lindsay Kaplan and Anderson Evans lurking in the background

Devon Irete, Adrian Muniz, and Eleni Crush think deep thoughts

Kirk Larsen and Caroline Newman get thumbs up photobombed

?, Robyn Caplan, David Matthews. Dave really wants a bite of bagel

Frank Cozzarelli and Zach Mack closing in on the photographer

Caroline Newman and Emily Farris, the all star newish intern duo

Zach Mack, Devon Irete hear the funniest thing in the world

Andrew Tatreau-Sherwood can't believe ABBA is on the jukebox

Toder and Cherette. Toder gets really excited about his keychain flashdrive

Sweet photobomb, Frank Cozzarelli

Sweet photobomb, Chris Dignes

Frank Cozzarelli, Alison Flood, Adrian Muniz' glasses

Adrian Muniz and Anderson Evans. Secrets secrets are no fun...

Angelito Yambao Jr and Tom Doborowolski. What did you just say to me?

Alison Flood, Devon Irete being all around awesome

Zach Mack, Whitney Jefferson, Matt Cherette sccchhheeeeeeee

Caroline Newman and Robyn Caplan are tired of the photos now

And—of course—the night ended with lots of icing.

Special thanks to Whitney Jefferson and Kirk Larsen (and not just because they take an ice like pros)