Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert continues his quest to become a fake astronaut, Futurama returns, a Funny or Die iPhone spoof featuring Adam Scott, Bethenny Frankel goes to Costco, and Chris Rock explains how to smuggle crack.

Bethenny Cruises Costco with Gusto
Sure, Bethenny's book signing might have been dismal. But who cares when you have the opportunity to buy in bulk? Watch as the health guru drools over granola bars and cashews.

Chris Rock's Crack-tastic Fourth of July Fun
Chris Rock explains to Jimmy Kimmel his brilliant idea for easily smuggling fireworks, crack, or guns into New York City. Just in time for the Fourth of July!

Stephen Colbert Finishes Astronaut Training By Flying the Shuttle (Simulator)
Stephen has been spending a lot of time with NASA lately, and his quest to become a fake astronaut is almost complete. He cuts quite a handsome figure in an orange jumpsuit.

See Zapp Brannigan's Wildest Dreams from the New Futurama
Futurama is back! Life is worth living again! All glory to Hypnotoad! This clip of Zapp Brannigan's incredibly realistic dream should be proof enough that the show is better than ever.

Watch: Adam Scott's "The Deleted Scenes" iPhone 4 Spoof
OK, this is amazing. Here's "The Deleted Scenes," an iPhone 4 spoof by Adam Scott for Funny or Die. Watch as Scott and others talk—in the most vulgar way possible—about how the new iPhone changes (and does) everything.