Courtney Love has made a late career out of being an incoherent mess, but it sounds like she turned up the crazy to 11 at a concert she gave last night in Washington D.C. Damn, I wish I was there.

When I saw Courtney Love—now touring under the name Hole even though she's the only member of the band on stage during the shows—a couple of months ago in New York, she did a brisk 45 minute set that included two Rolling Stones covers, a handful of new songs, and all of her hits. She didn't sound especially great and she didn't even talk in between songs. Part of the reason you pay good money to see Courtney is to watch her slowly unravel in public, and we didn't get any of it.

According to the Washington Post's David Malitz, Love spent three hours yammering through a set list with her assistant Lisa filming the entire performance on an iPhone, oftentimes standing directly in front of the star. You really should read his dreadfully entertaining account of the dreadful show, but here is a good summary:

The between song chatter was more than just chatter. Ten minutes without playing a song? Sure, let's do that a few times. She talked about her courting style ("I never chase"), being anorexic and bulimic, quizzed fans on the meaning of her late husband Kurt Cobain's lyrics, twice mentioned how The Washington Post hated her new album "Nobody's Daughter," and name-dropped a "TMZ" episode's worth of celebrities, from Trent Reznor to Diablo Cody to George Clooney, even Douglas Fairbanks. She asked what the lamest Hole song was and cursed at people when they gave the wrong answer.

Apparently most of the audience left the 9:30 Club, where the concert was held (and where I worked for many years) before the show ended, but for those who paid the money to watch one of Courtney Love's infamous rambles happen in real time, they stayed until the end. Here's what a friend of mine said about the show:

She rambled on between songs, took requests, invited audience members up on stage, borrowed a bra, said she would give someone her $200 moist panties after the show, was confused by the set list and wouldn't answer the question about whether or not Clooney is gay. Pacific Coast Highway sounded good, but she butchered Malibu. It was awesome!

Yes, it sounds like a slow form of torture, but I really wish I was there.

[Image (of a different concert) via Getty]