Oh, this is beautiful. You know, in a holy-sh*t-how-is-this-guy-so-stupid way. Anyway, here's a dumb racist guy's webcam tirade, in which he argues that soccer is AMERICA'S PATH TO SOCIALISM. Socialism, Satan, sodomy, soccer... they all start with "S!" Video inside.

OK, now that you've seen the video, let's play a game. Comment with your favorite crazy quote from the crazy racist guy! Here are two of my favorites:

God gave you two legs. This is true. He also gave you two arms, and two hands, and 10 fingers, and two elbows. Why did he give those to you? He gave them to you to use! Are you allowed to use your arms or hands in soccer? No, you are not! You are not allowed in the least little bit—if you do, you get thrown out of the game! I don't know almost nothin' about soccer, but I know that you ain't allowed to use the two hands that God gave you. That's not a game, all right? That's not a game! I don't know what it is, but you can't call it a sport. Just 'cause it got a ball, it don't make it a sport—at all!


Now, let's look at who plays soccer. Europeans, negroes—not American negros, but European negroes—Mexicans, uh, you got... and it don't matter! It don't matter where they're from. You got Mexicans from Central America, from Urgua—Ur—Uruguay, whatever! Ugly names down there! Mexicans from Brazil. Mexicos from Puerto Rico. Mexicans from all over, playing a Satanic game!

Update: Uh, so apparently this is a joke. Oops! Whatever, it's still funny.

[YouTube via Videogum]