During the series finale of The Tudors, King Henry squashed some ongoing drama, sent his wife and kids to Greenwich and got ready to punch god in the face all while getting his portrait done (you know the one).

The episode featured some shakeups among the main characters as Bishop Gardiner was expelled from the King's court for trying lay his nutz all over the succession of the throne by accusing EVERYONE of hearsay and Charles Brandon succumbed to illness after Henry tried to use kingly magic to cure him.

After Brandon died Henry realized his own mortality and had visions of his ex-wives (the ones he had killed). Much like Charlie Sheen, his exes torment him for being such a dick for most of his life until he goes kinda crazy and just gives up on living.

The series ends with Henry approving of his portrait and a summary of what happens after. Henry dies, his son becomes king then dies at fifteen to make way for Queen "Bloody" Mary who will forever be remembered for inspiring everyone's favorite brunch beverage. And we all lived drunkenly ever after.