As the New York Times *tried* to write earlier this morning, Sen. Robert's Byrd's death could affect pending financial reform legislation. No one is happier about this than Twitter whore Steve Forbes, who has his grave-dancin' boots out.

So far, only three people have retweeted this obnoxious crap from the cartoonish money-lord, which means most or all of his lazy employees should be fired.

Yesssssss! Rich America may just be saved after all, now that 150-year-old whatsisname finally croaked.

(For what it's worth, the financial regulatory reform package will likely pass regardless of whether there are 58 or 59 Democratic senators. Sen. Scott Brown was not likely to vote for the package if he was the only Republican sticking his neck out. There probably needs to be a bloc of at least three or four Republicans to cross over together for it to happen at all.)

Anyway, uh... Forbes/Bachmann '12! No?

[via Wonkette]