Today we looked at the hotbed of hot Missed Connections that is the L train, inspiring love, lust, and confusion among you commenters. One commenter in particular had his heart captured by an enchanting strap-hanger.

From ShapNY:

To the woman who posted the Missed Connection about seeing a guy in a blue shirt and black pants on the L Train late Thurs. night:

I was the guy reading your Missed Connection post at home alone, because Craigslist Missed Connections is where I "party" on Thursday nights.

You really had a way with words, and I couldn't help but feel there was a connection between myself and the personality I created for you after reading those five sentences.

I don't know if you'd like to meet up or whatever, but I can say that we probably shouldn't write this off as a coincidence. That I saw your post, that is. Even though I check Missed Connections every few hours, it's still pretty amazing.

Btw, I'm totally cool about this guy in the blue shirt and black pants because you totally met him before me and didn't know I'd be meeting you later via Missed Connections.

In fact, we should invite him to our wedding for setting us up! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

If you are feeling what I'm feeling, please respond to my Missed Missed Connection and we'll take it from there.

Are you that girl? Send him a note! (And CC us!)