The Kilborn File premiered tonight. It was a fast paced, testosterone filled, half hour of quips, class, and the World Cup's bustiest fans. Watch as Seth MacFarlane bashes Seinfeld's Marriage Ref and the cast of Good Times raids the capital.

It might be slightly misleading to call The Kilborn File a daytime talk show, but let's be honest "dusktime television" isn't exactly a phrase anybody is using day to day. What makes The Kilborn File such a success isn't so much it's interesting time slot (weeknights at 7pm ET), it's the formula itself. The show is everything The View isn't: it's fast, it's irreverent, it's all done with a masculine point and a wink, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The original host of The Daily Show hasn't changed his ways in his six year absence. He's as fast paced as he was on SportsCenter, and as charming as he was on The Daily Show. Even at his most sarcastic, you've got to love this guy.

The Power Panel is sure to be a quick fan favorite. The kickoff was a sincere Uncle Kilby grilling Seth MacFarlane and Martin Mull on Lady GaGa and apple pie. This boys club roundtable is adjourned in less than five minutes, and that's the beauty of it.

While Good Times and What's Happening are not the same show, they were both the brainchild of the great Eric Monte. What's Happening, which Kilborn references in the first clip was based on Monte's high school experiences, while Good Times was based on his home life. Nobody has seen either show since 1979 (unfortunately), but to all you fine fact checkers out there, forgive me?