Tim Scott was snapping cellphone pictures of a wild black bear in Kentucky when it attacked him: "The bear had a really good chunk of my leg in his mouth and was shaking me." The animal is now being hunted.

Scott was hiking with his wife and son in the Daniel Boone National Forest when, about 25 feet away, he spotted a black bear he guessed to weigh around 150 pounds. So, naturally, he thought to take out his cellphone and get a few shots. The bear became upset and went for Scott's leg: "He was trying to subdue me, and he was focused on nothing but doing that," he told the AP. He tried hitting the animal with a tree branch, but it bit into his leg and began to shake him. Scott said he was about to pull out his pocket knife to stab the bear in the eye, when a group of hikers appeared and chased the animal off by throwing a daypack at it. Scott was released from a hospital with around 60 stitches.

After leaving the hospital, Scott said, "This was a private incident between me and a bear." The attack was the first ever in Kentucky, however the state Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has set up traps and will kill the bear for acting like a wild animal in a protected wildlife area. Makes sense.