Naomi Campbell Is Secretly Bald

The world recoils at the news that a supermodel is not completely flawless, just mostly flawless. Jeremy Piven drops his cellphone in the toilet. Kristen Stewart has a litter of half-wolf hybrids. Tuesday gossip confirms what you already knew.

  • "Naomi Sweats!" is the headline, but I see no evidence that the magnificent monster that is supermodel Naomi Campbell shed a single crystalline drop of sweat from her flawless pores while modeling a fur vest in New York's 90-degree weather yesterday. There is proof, however, that Naomi's natural hair is either nonexistent or buzzed. Apparently this is big news, but did anyone actually think those waist-length flaxen locks were real? I guess they could have been a mere weave, but the tightness of her immobile center part has always read "wig" to me. Then again, I don't know enough about weaves to make a definitive statement here. Fake hair enthusiasts, proceed to the comments section and let 'er rip. [P6, DailyMail, image at left via Splash, image at right via Bauer-Griffin]

  • Kristen Stewart's family owns a fleet of half-wolf dog hybrids, definitely proof that Bella is Team Jacob at heart. [E!]

  • Speaking of K-Stew, did you see her new red hair? It's chin-length and "for her upcoming role as MaryLou" in On the Road. Red is a dangerous hair hue to fake, but it looks nice with Kristen's eyes. [People]

  • Jeremy Piven dropped his Blackberry in the toilet at a sushi restaurant. (Quit eating sushi, Jeremy! It's your kryptonite.) As one who has dropped a phone in a toilet before, it's not always because you were texting while pooping—it also happens when you have your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, and it falls out at the exact trajectory that makes it land with a plunk in the toilet. Naturally, Jeremy Piven found a way to turn this thoroughly human moment into one of celebrity privilege: He forced the restaurant's employees to fish his precious phone out of the toilet for him. [P6]

  • Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes has finally left her husband and isn't wearing her wedding ring. [Radar]

  • The nineteenth Duggar baby has returned home after six months in neonatal intensive care. Didn't this exact story occur last month, too? I guess when you get to the nineteenth kid, life turns into a rerun marathon. [People]

  • The new rumor that The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka has "gay tendencies" is perhaps the only twist in this story that can keep my attention. Vienna Girardi—the wife he chose on the show, only to divorce her after six months—said he refused to be "intimate" with her, so it was only time before the gay rumors began. Unfortunately, this rumor comes from some other reality star whose evidence is "the way he dresses" and the fact that he wouldn't bang Vienna. Wake me when a former gay lover speaks out. [Radar]

  • Tiger and Elin reunited Saturday for their daughter's birthday party. Meanwhile, Elin is fighting for "more money than Michael Jordan's ex got," and rumor has it their divorce is nearly done. [Us]

  • Everybody who was anybody who cares about soccer was at the Cape Town Nobu last night (they have a Nobu?) where Bill Clinton sat with Katie Couric and Wolf Blitzer, then table-hopped to chat up Ireland's prime minister and Nelson Mandela's wife. Billy C. is really having the time of his life at the World Cup, isn't he? [P6]

  • Bret Michaels is going for "mind over matter" with his brain hemorrhage recovery. He said this to explain why he went back on Celebrity Apprentice and kicked off another world tour immediately after leaving the hospital. [Parade]