The Democratic party, under the veneer of a high-journalism name like "Accountability Now," has launched a new website where you can upload wacky videos of Republican candidates saying stupid things. Isn't this already the entire point of YouTube?

Basically the Democrats want Northern hippie liberals to go down South and capture Republicans being racist. This is called Accountability.

"[R]egular citizens can upload video or audio they've captured at pubic campaign events, and they can upload event information for upcoming campaign appearances by Republican candidates so others can attend and hold Republicans accountable of they don't tell the truth.," a DNC official said. "Unlike YouTube where you can only upload video, … users can download high quality videos from the site for clipping and using for their own projects (web videos, ads, etc)."

A DNC official said the party will screen the video "for inappropriate content, authenticity, etc. We don't want people trying to make something out of something that didn't happen by splicing the video - we want good raw footage of authentic moments on the trail."

So it sounds like the DNC will spend most of its time and resources screening this stuff for mid-clip hardcore porn splices, huh?