The actress sometimes known as Hermione Granger met boyfriend George Craig shooting an ad for Burberry. Now she plays the love interest in his band's new music video, about a rich lady who meets a tramp in Brooklyn.

At first it seems like One Night Only made the Brooklyn version of "Come on Eileen," the diamond-bejeweled uptown girl darting cautiously away from a pack of downtown boys eyeing her lasciviously. But this is Brooklyn, and there are no Too-Rye-Ay's here, just playful romping and friendly street vendors who throw kebabs at your face, the latter of which is weird until Emma and George see their reflections and (SPOILER!) they are actually dogs, which explains why Emma called it "an ode to Lady and the Tramp," why George licked Emma's face, and why Emma stood still so long at that fire hydrant. In other words: The above video shows Emma Watson peeing in the street. [OneNightOnly, Daily Mail]