It's hard to imagine the excitement within Fox News' offices yesterday upon hearing the words "Russian spies," which proved that Cold War is very much on. Glenn Beck, for one, is using it to show that our Enemies smell weakness.

Beck went on the network's delightful Fox & Friends program this morning to... what was it... scare the shit out of the same people he likes scaring the shit out of everyday, successfully:

This is the small story. I'm telling you, I've heard from the Special Forces…those people who we send in when a regime is about to topple and help push it, they're here….We have operatives from all over the world, because we're easy game. We're weak.

It's true. The Russian Bear smelled blood and was just about to nuke America now that it has poor finances, which Russia does not. And although we arrested these spies, there are surely other operatives from countries like Mexico, Mexico, and Mexico still operating within the highest levels of government, stealing our highest levels of information.

And Obama probably loves it.

[via Mediaite]