Get in on the housing boom while you still can! Real estate numbers are in from the first quarter of 2010, and oh boy are they good: 31% of home sales so far this year were foreclosures!

According to Reuters, the total number of home foreclosures in 2009 was up over 1,100 percent from 2006, and 2,500 percent from 2005. Those big time numbers mean big time success for the people who were smart enough to realize that there is a shitload of money to be made from people being kicked out of their homes. As Rick Sharga, senior vice president at RealtyTrac, said, "A combination of an enormous inventory of distressed properties and an unprecedented interest by homebuyers to buy these properties boosted sales." No shit, Rick? So a lot of empty houses, plus wealthy investors, equals foreclosed home buying boom? Wow! If you're smart, you'll call Rick today for some home buying advice, and maybe he'll even let you in on a lucrative little secret called "flipping."

But if you really want to fit the bill of a real estate magnate, get yourself on one of these private jet tours. Otherwise, you're just like everyone else.

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