50-year-old Michoel Streicher, a singer who calls himself "The Michael Jackson of Jewish music" was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail for swindling a woman out of $36,000 he said he would use to buy a torah.

Streicher took 55-year-old Judy Burstein's money after telling her he was a rabbi and that the expensive torah would be used by the world's great rabbis. "She was so impressed by his singing, she fell for anything," Burstein's son told the Post. Streicher is now being treated at Riker's for mental illness and is sadly unavailable to perform for at least another year. His lawyer asked the judge for mercy, and addressed the accusations that Streicher isn't really a rabbi: "He just doesn't have a congregation. That doesn't mean he's posing."

Watch the Jewish Michael Jackson in all his glory:

[Image via New York Post]