Today we looked at how guns are keeping us mentally healthy. That is just pure fact! One commenter heartily agreed and said, hey, why stop at guns?

This mostly gets the COtD for the wonderful and colorful list of weapons.

From Spirit Fingers:

I, for one, think that everyone should have various weapons of choice in their homes. Why stop at just handguns? What about a little C4? A nuclear war head or two? A crossbow, nunchukus, a katana, a military tank, a Claymore, a rocket launcher, a slingshot, a bullwhip, pellet gun, the Ashanti dagger, piano wire, two cannons, brass knuckles, holy water, sixteen stones, and two white dueling gloves? Because you can never be too careful. What if a Wolverine, Al Capone, and Dracula try to steal back "Merica Land of the Idiots and Dangerous Cholesterol Levels? We need to be extra prepared. We'll need a bunker, food, a transistor radio, and some trip wire around the perimeter.

Yesss, exactly. No one ever, EVER, harasses these people. Yep, the folks who hoard weapons, screech at the government, spout unfounded conspiracy theories, and secretly prepare for war...yes, these people are always the picture of good mental health.

[Note about the picture: I looked for a good picture of Reba McEntire and her crazy husband in "Tremors," with all the weapons, but I could not find it, alas. Linda will have to do.]