The mania for Apple's newest gadgets isn't confined to frighteningly obsessive consumers; filmmakers are now touting movies about, shot through and even edited on iPads and new iPhones. This gimmick content isn't nearly as bad as you might think.

It probably helps that Apple owners are seen as finicky aesthetes. Whether the stereotype is true or not, it's at least one deterrent against publishing i-optimized schlock. Or maybe the early Apple adopters really are that much more creative than everyone else and these videos are just a natural consequence of their elite status. Either way, guys: You're supposed to charge Apple to make commercials for them. Oy. Anyway, here's some of the more prominent output of the growing iAuteur ranks:


Apple of My Eye, shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4. Fairly syrupy, but well above the average of other user-uploaded videos, even on the higher-brow Vimeo service. (Via Daring Fireball)

Solace music video, in which DJ Rana June builds a perfect boyfriend using an iPad. June is also known as "the iPad DJ" for her pioneering use of the Apple tablet as a virtual drum machine/mixer/turntable. (via Gizmodo)

156 Turns, a documentary-style Ducati commercial about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, shot entirely on an iPhone 4. Very handsome, although slightly ridiculous as a human drama. (via Jalopnik)