The final deadline for bids on Newsweek is today. (There's still time—apply now!). And, in what must be an encouraging sign for Newsweek staffers, the most wacko bidders have been told their money is no good.

The NYT reports that Newsweek's current owner, The Washington Post Co., has rejected bids from conservative wackjob operation Newsmax and from Thane Ritchie, an Illinois hedge fund guy who seems to have viewed the magazine as a potential plaything, so who knows what the hell he might have done. Phillip Falcone, hedge fund bazillionaire and husband of an entertainingly narcissistic crazy lady, has also pulled out. Sidney Harman, another rich guy, and Fred Drasner, former NY Daily News publisher, are still in the running. The best news of all:

With no shortage of interested parties, the issue for the Post Company has become whether it can find a new owner that the company's chairman and chief executive, Donald E. Graham, believes will be a suitable steward for the magazine.

Come forth, civic-minded billionaire with an abiding love for the press and the historical Jesus, but no overt mental illness, dedication to conspiracy theories, or embarrassing spouse. Your magazine awaits!