Politico's muckrakers have filed a disturbing report on illicit Obama administration Twitter activity: whoever set up the White House's new health care account "favorited" some P. Diddy tweets, one of which mentioned vodka! How completely will this ruin Obama's presidency?

This is literally an 11-paragraph story, for which the Politico solicited (and didn't get) comment from the Department of Health and Human Services. Drudge has linked to it with the headline, "OBAMA HEALTHCARE ROLLOUT PROMOTES VODKA, P. DIDDY...," which, sadly, is Politico's headline almost to the word. This thing must have legs!

With HHS's rollout of a new web portal, HealthCare.Gov, you can investigate health insurance plans and provisions of the new health care law. And for a while, you could also learn some not so health-related information, like that HealthCare.Gov enjoys P. Diddy and Indian politicians.

Alongside the portal that went live last night, HHS launched a Twitter feed at the handle @healthcaregov, and it came with a notably odd list of "favorite tweets," ranging from pop culture icons to politicians.


Rapper P. Diddy, who tweets at @iamdiddy, dominated the favorite list, accounting for five of HHS's 14 favorite items. One Nov. 1, 2009 written at 1:28 a.m., apparently struck a chord with the federal agency: "Happy Halloween!!!!" Diddy wrote. "CIROC all night long! GO!!!!" HHS seemingly liked the 1:40 a.m. follow-up, too: "Get your Halloween right with Ciroc! The smoothest vodka in the game! Let's go people!Ciroc the official vodka of Halloween! :) boo!"

THEN: COVER-UP: "The list of 'favorite' tweets, which were live overnight on Wednesday during HealthCare.Gov's launch, were taken down Thursday morning at approximately 9:40 a.m."

We'd file an FOIA request to obtain these records, but Politico's probably on top of it.

[Image via AP]