French affirmative action! Sexism in surveys! Oakland police racism riots! Gay Googlers! Blacks allowed to own land! It's your Thursday Equality Watch, where we watch equality—from a position of superiority!

  • French people: they talk all that shit about liberalism, but their best schools are all white. Now they get to go through the whole excruciating affirmative action debate, with liberals screeching over the "lowering of standards" that goes along with school integration, etc. Yea, learn a little from us now, Frenchies. You'll all be carrying guns and waving Confederate flags soon.
  • See, when people are talking in the context of a survey they say "Sure, men and women should have equal rights." But as soon as the survey is over they're like "Girl, make me a sandwich." And the quandary for equalitarians is, well, who's going to make the sandwiches, in an "equal" world?
  • A former Oakland transit cop was taped as he shot and killed an unarmed black man on a subway platform last year. Now the trial is wrapping up in LA, and Oakland officials are scared that there will be riots after the verdict's announced. Maybe they should try finding a cop guilty? See what happens?
  • Google says that it will pay extra taxes owed by its gay and lesbian employees in order for them to get health benefits for their partners. A red-faced Google then insisted "whatever, you're gay," before running off.
  • Black landowners in Georgia are asking the government to allow them to continue to live on their land, which is now a wildlife refuge. Hey, the Founding Fathers explicitly said they did not want black people owning land in wildlife refuges, or elsewhere. When will activist judges give it a rest?

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