In a recent survey of 1,000 adults, the Trojan condom company found that while Seattle residents tend to have the least sex of any major metropolitan denizens, they have sex outdoors the most. Quality, not quantity?

If, you know, you consider flannel- and fleece-laden sex in the rain "quality." As for us East Coasters, 71% of New Yorkers surveyed said they'd boffed al fresco, putting us seventh. Well that's not our fault! It's just way harder to find the proper space to do it. You try getting frisky in Central Park with all those murderous raccoons nipping at your unmentionables.

The city dwellers who have the most frequent sex are, of course, those in the sun and sin capital of the Southeast, Miami. They averaged about 105 times a year, which is what, every three days? No wonder all they do down there is drink fun cocktails and wear bikinis. They also have the longest sex, at an average of 35 minutes per session. The Miamians have the second-most outdoor sex, just shy of Seattle. One can assume it's all on the beach or in hammocks and there is much laughing and beautiful brown skin commingling and it goes on and on forever... Man, some people are just more fun.

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