Last night was kind enough to grace our rooftop with a screening of the best comedy ever made, Wet Hot American Summer . Everyone had pretty much the time of their life, and here's the pictures to prove it. provided us with delicious popcorn, delicious beer, and delicious dj's who helped us remember the 90's

This lovely group displayed the full gamut of emotions contained in Wet Hot, while Whitney remained suspicious in the back


We finally got an acceptable picture of Matt Cherette and friends

Most people (these included) said they were there to see Michael Ian Black and Bradley Cooper's sex scene


Gene Delsener doing his best Gene the Cook impression. Do I hear a can of veggies nearby?

Before the movie began we all enjoyed some tunes, flanked on all sides by the Manhattan skyline

Blakeley was looking fly in the new 2010 anyclilp t-shirt

Everyone here tried actively to be at their awkwardest in preparation for the movie

Mike Jordan and Chris Dignes did their best to avoid the impromptu sing-along that started

It's always uncomfortable when Emily Farris leans in for a kiss and gets the cold shoulder

Here's Lindsay Kaplan, Matt Toder, and Soup grubbing down on some of that delicious popcorn

At some point there arose a truly enormous bathroom line, for which Anderson Evans provided some mime work he's been practicing

Robyn Caplan of anyclip provided us with the winning photobomb of the night, before she chewed off Cherette's ear

Lissette gets points for single fisting two beers with Allison Flood

Anderson gets points for having laser vision

John Siegel is almost too excited for the movie

Let's do this every week!

As the sun went down we all piled towards the screen to laugh our asses off

We were all super jealous of those who got couches, even if they were nice about it

You could feel the anticipation in the air

We watched the movie, and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed

Obviously they had not seen the Bradley Cooper/Michael Ian Black scene

When it was all over Robyn and Dylan of anyclip did an admirable job throwing cushions around

For the interns, the party never stops