Yesterday it was the World Cup of Cocaine. Today, we learn about a DEA operation that helped capture a submarine built for transporting "tons" of cocaine along the Ecuador/Colombia border. It's a drug-fueled Fourth of July weekend!

The diesel powered "narco sub" was found yesterday in a small stream in Ecuador, near the border with Colombia in a joint Drug Enforcement Agency-Ecuadorean operation. One man was arrested. According to the AP:

The sophisticated camouflaged vessel has a conning tower, periscope and air-conditioning system. It measured about nine-feet-high from the deck plates to the ceiling and stretched nearly a 100 feet long. The DEA says it was built for trans-oceanic drug trafficking.

The sub is said to be able to transport "tons" of cocaine. Narco subs have been around for years, but a DEA official told the AP that the newly captured sub's payload capacity and technical capabilities are new developments. Below is a clip from last year on narco subs from VBS.TV reporter David Feinberg. The full length report can be seen here.

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