Katy Perry tamed a sex addict. Stephanie Pratt might be coming to New York. Hottie soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has a love child. Lady Gaga only wants your attention. Monday's Gossip Roundup is a three-day weekend of gossip things

  • British comedian Russell Brand was rumored to have slept with around 80 women a month before he met Katy Perry. This is mathematically possible, if not probable (More than two women per day? Really?). But now he only sleeps with one woman a month, hopefully: His fiance, Katy Perry. How'd she "tame" him? When they first met, she threw a water bottle at him, then she refused to sleep with him on the first date. We'd probably trade 8,000 women a month for one night with Katy Perry. Katy, if you're reading this, we just want to reiterate what one commenter on the YouTube video for Hot N Cold said:



  • Stephanie Pratt could be coming to a subway platform near you. "The Hills" star is rumored to be headed to New York to join "The City". Apparently this would cause drama on the show? [P6]

  • Portugese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (the really good-looking one who is also an asshole) has a baby. He wrote on Twitter that "I have recently become father to a baby boy." But who's the mom? "As agreed with the baby's mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship." Aw, aren't single dads who are millionaire soccer players with perfect bodies so cute? [People]

  • Lindsay Lohan has violated her parole so often it's almost like she gets a cash bonus for it. But on Tuesday she'll have to face a judge, who could possibly throw her in jail for missing her alcohol education classes and skipping a court date because she was abroad. Lindsay's not concerned, because she always seems to get out of everything. We're not concerned, either. [TMZ]

  • The Office star Jenna Fisher married writer Lee Kirk on Sunday. We're looking forward to the honeymoon sex tape that just consists of her giving a bunch of incredulous looks at the camera. [US]

  • Jessica Simpson cannot stop dating NFL players. She recently split up with Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo. Her new boyfriend is former San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson. Maybe she's trying to start a franchise? [TMZ]

  • Snoop Dogg (y Dogg) may be appearing on Glee according to Glee star Cory Monteith. Weird. [DailyMail]

  • More New York drama: Gossip Girls' star Jessica Szohr was spotted out with her co-star, Sebastian Stan. She's got a history of dating co-stars (Ed Westwick) but her rep denied that the two were anything but friends. [P6]

  • BREAKING: Everything Lady Gaga does is for attention! She told the Daily Mail "What I do is to push buttons… I dress to get people to stare, I say a lot of things for shock value and I do a lot of things to unsettle people—like going around in my underwear in the middle of winter. It gets a big reaction." But if her chief aim is to shock people, it's unclear what she's trying to accomplish by wearing "pearls and high heels" in bed, which she claims she does also. Especially since she's supposedly celibate? Maybe she's trying to shock inanimate objects now, too. [DailyMail]