The sheriff in Nye County, Nevada decided that the county's district attorney was misusing public funds. So he had him arrested. But the DA declined to press charges against himself, and had the sheriff's deputy arrested. That's just the beginning.

The WSJ has the entire sordid tale of the management case study that is Nye County, Nevada. Let's try it in list format:

1. Sheriff Tony De Meo orders his deputy, David Boruchowitz, to arrest Nye County district attorney Robert Beckett on charges of misusing public funds.

2. "No charges have been filed, in part because Mr. Beckett, the D.A., refuses to charge himself."

3. Beckett orders a special prosecutor to investigate the sheriff's office. The special prosecutor then charges Deputy Boruchowitz with a felony.

4. "Mr. Boruchowitz was also the sheriff's informal press liaison...he sent out a press release with his own mug shot announcing he had been arrested."

It goes on! And on! About how Nye County is financed by legal brothels, and about how the district attorney once flipped two cars in a single day! The entire WSJ is well worth reading, if only to make your own corrupt elected officials seem slightly more competent in comparison. Big fist bump to the USA's somewhat less corrupt counties!

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