Boy Meets World's Rider Strong (Shawn) will guest on the finale of 100 Questions, Snoop Dogg and Katie Holmes head to Glee, it's Hawaii Five-0, and the first pictures of the new season of Weeds.

More photos from Weeds' upcoming season can be found over at Buzz Sugar. Looks as though Shane is all grown up!

In TV News...

  • An unexpected guest star has signed on to appear in the next season of Glee—Snoop Dogg. I may actually tune in! [Pop Crunch]
  • Speaking of unexpected guests, Boy Meets World's Rider Strong will appear on the season (series?) finale of NBC's 100 Questions. [Zap2it]
  • Yeehaw! Miley Cyrus and crew will get big stars like Jay Leno, Kelly Ripa to star in their last season. [TV Squad]
  • CBS's shortest press release ever: "EDITORS NOTE: The "0″ in HAWAII FIVE-0 is a zero, not a capital O." [TV By the Numbers]
  • Also heading to Glee is Katie Holmes! Let's hope it works out better than her last TV appearance (which was on some show that flopped. Wah wahhh.) [<a href="
  • The show might be gone, but the cast of Party Down still has this awesome fake Vanity Fair cover shoot! [Vulture]
  • What really went down during Olivia Munn's Playboy photoshoot. I still don't care for the girl, though. [Washington City Paper]
  • Jersey Shore's J-WOWW is launching a clothing line called "Filthy Couture." Because... why would it be named anything else? [Warming Glow]
  • Even with all of its critical acclaim, Damages may be canceled. [TV Squad]
  • Hey, check out the gigantic female staff that The Daily Show has! [Warming Glow]

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  • Community's Alison Brie has signed on to Scream 4, alongside Adam Brody. Hmm. [Heat Vision]
  • Fun! George Michael (pop singer, no Arrested Development affiliation) has been arrested after crashing his range rover into a store. [Pop Eater]
  • What a heatwave looks like in China. [Buzzfeed]
  • Colin Farrell is slated to play Ozzy Ozbourne in a biopic about the rocker's life. [Buzz Sugar]
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