The last time Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House he was coldly received, which freaked everyone out. For today's visit, the White House orchestrated a much warmer photo-op of the two acting like best friends, to show unity!

Can't you just see Rahm Emanuel hassling photographers the whole time? "More pictures! Snap! Snap! Faster! You wanna keep that press pass? Take fifty photos of that handshake right now!"

For this visit, not only were photographers allowed to record the event for posterity, they and reporters were allowed to take pictures of the two leaders engaging in a hearty and prolonged handshake in the Oval Office where both men took questions from the small "pool" of reporters.

On top of that, a choreographed "walking shot" of the two leaders strolling through the green grass (before the cameras) like co-stars in a bromance was arranged. The president walked Netanyahu to his awaiting limousine and shook his hand robustly, saying, "be well." The president waited patiently as Netanyahu got into the limo and got settled. As the car started to pull away, President Obama waved one last goodbye. It was an uncharacteristically demonstrative send-off for the media to be allowed to film.

Really, he briefly waved goodbye at Netanyahu's car? We really must have no more qualms with Israel now, after our President waved at a car for the cameras.

[Image via AP]