The infamous Southern California booby trapping drug dealer, Nicholas John Smit, has been arrested and will face charges in court today for allegedly setting deadly traps to kill police officers after he was arrested for growing weed.

Smit could face life in prison for attempting to kill the police officer who arrested him from growing weed, an offense that would have only given him several months in jail if he had been convicted. Karl Anglin, an agent from the LA office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told the AP, "This guy we are dealing with is not very intelligent, that's for sure." So what exactly are the feds claiming that Smit did? According to the AP:

The first attack came in early December, when someone left a crude device known as a punji trap on the front porch of officer's home. The weapon was made from a series of wooden boards pierced by dozens of upward-pointing nails.

In another attack, a natural gas pipe was pushed into a hole drilled through the roof of the gang enforcement unit's headquarters. The building filled with flammable vapor, but the gas was detected before anyone was hurt.

The officer was again targeted March 5 when an explosive device that did not detonate was left on his car.

The ATF got involved in the case on Feb. 23 after a handmade gun was attached to a sliding gate at the Police Department's gang enforcement building sent a bullet whizzing past an officer's face when he entered.

Who knew that messing with meth head bikers could be so dangerous? Also arrested last week was Smit's friend, Steven Hansen, a convicted arsonist, who police suspect played a role in setting the traps.

[Images via AP; Looney Tunes]