If you're a Republican fundraiser, sure, you're happy that Wall Street is donating more to Republicans than Democrats, who stabbed Wall Street in the back by writing an inevitable, watered-down reform bill. Still, you shouldn't brag about it on Twitter!

The problem with putting a positive spin on a story about Wall Street giving more money to Republicans than Democrats is that people rally hate Wall Street. This is related to the fact that the federal government has recently given trillions of taxpayer dollars to Wall Street and its many failed banks in order to save them and their very large bonuses. This is also why people really hate the federal government. Many people are unemployed, too.

We just wanted to remind the RNC of these things in clear language. Not everyone interprets news like a national party fundraiser does, because not everyone is a national party fundraiser. Most people, by contrast, are actual human beings.

[via Clusterstock]