The Subway Etiquette Hero Gets a Short Film

Jay Shells is the renegade artist who made those subway etiquette posters disguised as MTA signs. If he's an awesome outlaw, then why is his movie so damn boring?

Shells is just like a graffiti artist: "borrowing" someone else style, coopting it as his own, and posting it illegally. So why is this new movie by Bablegum and something called WBP Labs seem like the sort of bland public service movie that your seventh grade social studies teacher would show you and that's supposed to be edgy and talk to "da kidz," but is really just the same old morality play? Don't get us wrong, we want to keep people from clipping their nails, eating, preaching, and doing other horrible things on the subway too—remember, people, only you can prevent subway horror stories—but this lame little clip doesn't do his project justice. Seriously, Jay, you deserve better.