We met Ryan last week when The Real World premiered its 784th season. Ryan is homophobic (watch here). He's also crazy! Tonight, he cuddled with a boy while blow drying his crotch before fighting with another boy. Videos inside.

Tonight's episode opened with Ryan—in the middle of a manic episode, probably—announcing to the house that he lurves to cuddle WITH ANYONE. Even boys, or—gasp—gay boys! And that's precisely what he did: watch as Ryan and gay roommate Preston lay in bed together, as Ryan (who was blow drying his crotch, for some reason) sensually tickled Preston's earlobe.

The next best clip from tonight's episode involved the aftermath of Ryan's probably fake shoulder "injury," which came out of nowhere (and which he treated like a bullet wound). After returning from the hospital (hah/ugh), roommate Knight asked Ryan what kind of injury he'd sustained. Ryan responded oddly (to say the least), then said he'd faked it, then just went kind of crazy and—sling and all—almost went to blows with Knight.

Thank you, Ryan, for providing us with enough crazy to last until next Wednesday, when you'll undoubtedly give us more material.

[The Real World: New Orleans]