Remember last fall when celebrity chef Todd English left his fiancee Erica Wang at the altar and she later turned herself in on abuse charges? That was fun. Now English is finally talking about it.

When asked by Slash/Food reporter Allen Salkin about the story, English says Salkin "reads too much Page Six." (Is there such a thing?) English goes on to say that the paper's account "wasn't the true story behind it," but doesn't offer much detail. He does say that he hasn't talked to Wang since the incident and that he didn't leave her on her own to pay the pricey tab for their wedding reception (where Wang ended up partying with her family). "There was no stiffing going on," he says, which might explain why he didn't show up on his wedding day in the first place. English admits it was a "sad time in [his] life," but he would still get married. He would love to propose to fellow food show host Giada De Laurentiis, who he has a crush on. Watch out, girl, this groom likes to run!