Certain talkshows and Internet commenters are practically race-rioting over Obama's new 10% tax on tanning salons. See, only white people tan—which means the tax will only be paid by white people. Reverse racist tax!

This Washington Post article explains how some people think the tax is racist. A fill-in host on the Glenn Beck Show said of the tax, "I now know the pain of racism." (This guy boasts the golden hue of a perfectly toasted marshmallow, apparently.) But the Liberal elites claim a tax is only unconstitutional if lawmakers intended to disproportionately affect a certain group. We are certain that in-depth investigation will turn up virulent anti-white sentiment among the mostly white lawmakers who passed the bill.

But we can't stop now! If a tax on tanning salon is reverse racist, these these fees are like Jim Crow for white people:

  • $4.25 tax: Pack of American Spirit Cigarettes in New York City
  • $6.96 Shipping and handling: Charcoal Heather L.L. Bean Logo Crewneck Sweater
  • $13.40 Ticketmaster convenience charge: Ticket to see Michael Bublé in San Diego

You hear that, Washington? White people will no longer sit idly by as the products and services they love are unfairly taxed. Rise up! (via CubeRootofPi)

[Pic by Shutterstock]