It's no secret that Jason Segel is on a rabid press tour for Despicable Me. He was interviewed by a little kid and married a couple on the Tonight Show—but we think he saved the best for last.

I had a feeling it might be an interesting interview when Segel hammed it up for the camera. This is probably the best reaction to NBC's awkward long-shot-of-an-upcoming-guest-while-talking-about-them-before-we-go-to-commercial. Casual Today Show viewers, do you know what I'm trying to reference here?

He kicks off the interview by stating that Despicable Me is the best movie ever made and that he takes "french showers." The giggles quickly transpire into Segel hitting on Hoda, repeating her name over and over until she reveals "I don't know what it is, but we have just have a thing."

While talking about his comic influence, the ladies cut him off and attempt to wrap it up. Good luck with that, ladies.