Today at Gawker.TV, Bethenny Frankel pees in a trash can, Jason Segel hits on Hoda Kotb, Futurama's pride parade, and Greg Kelly of Good Day New York asks Colin Quinn what their deceased friend is up to.

Good Day, New York Puts Palm to Face, Asks Colin Quinn How a Dead Guy's Doing
This morning things got awkward when a visibly annoyed Colin Quinn had to inform Greg Kelly that a guy he used to host shows with died three months ago. Video with actual face-palm inside.

Jane Lynch And Steve Carell Explain the Magic Behind Their Forty Year Old Virgin Scene
Steve Carell and Jane Lynch, who are apparently friends and that is awesome, were both guests on The Tonight Show last night, where they reminisced on the latino folk songs Jane used to serenade Steve with.

A Pride March in the Year 3000, Courtesy of Futurama
Last night's Futurama provided us with a hopeful look into the future of Gay/Robosexual/Horse-and-Ghost Marriage, although there are still haters. It's good to have Bender on the side of equality.

Jason Segel Hits on Hoda, is Hilarious During His Today Show Interview
It's no secret that Jason Segel is on a rabid press tour for Despicable Me. He was interviewed by a little kid and married a couple on the Tonight Show—but we think he saved the best for last.

Bethenny Frankel Pees In a Trash Can on Her Wedding Day
Tonight on Bethenny Getting Married, Bethenny... got married! But there were some hiccups. Namely, Bethenny decided that she had to go to the bathroom—at the last minute/while in her wedding dress—and opted for a trash can.