83-year-old televangelist Robert H. Schuller has handed the reins of Southern California's Crystal Cathedral mega church to his daughter, Sheila. She will inherit a church with a $55 million budget deficit, and $2 million worth of lawsuits. Glory be!

Reverend Schuller is famous for hosting the "Hour of Power" television show, which at one time boasted 1.3 million viewers in 156 countries and saved countless people from eternal damnation. But a tough economy has forced the business church to cancel events like the "Glory of Easter" pageant and trim operational costs. That, and the $2 million worth of lawsuits for allegedly stiffing over 100 vendors on "electrical equipment" purchases. But seriously, a $55 million budget deficit for a church?! Christ Almighty, that's a lot of cash.

[AP; Image via Getty]