New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser is an expert in both the sweet arts of sexy time, and the dark arts of informational subterfuge. You should therefore trust Andrea when she tells you: spies do not need to be whores.

Andrea talked to some lady who used to be a spy during the cold war, and guess what? She does not approve of these new spies sexxxy, sexxy, sexy ways.

"She felt it was necessary to use her femininity and her sex to gain information. Well, that doesn't make you a spy, hon. It make you what we called a 'honey pot.'

"She's sexy?" said Barbara. "Nah. She's stupid."

Take that burn with you straight back to Russia, Anna Chapman! And also take the following bonus thoughts from Andrea Peyser, a columnist in one of the USA's most popular newspapers:

—"Can Lindsay [Lohan] be stopped?"
—Wonder Woman wears a "whorish get-up."
—Barack Obama is a bad father.

Down with whores and Russia, up with Peyser and USA!