Gawker.TV had the exciting opportunity to talk with director Ben Steinbauer and YouTube celebrity Jack Rebney before their movie, Winnebago Man, opened at Landmark Sunshine Cinemas on Friday evening.

As I was ushered into the hallowed sanctuary, AKA the Winnebago, I was nervous. The "angriest man in the world" is a nerve-wracking subject to interview, but I was slightly calmed as I had seen the feature film Steinbauer and Rebney were in New York to promote. It shows a warmer side to the unwittingly hilarious Winnebago salesman. My nerves were brought to complete peace once our dialogue began, Rebney proved himself to be both passionate and provocative as well as polite and kind. His mind might be a piece of shit in the morning, but when evening comes, the man has things to say.