Today at Gawker.TV, The Soup calls out Kathie Lee and Hoda for being drunken hypocrites, Chad Ochocino begins his journey down Vh1 reality dating, Sookie gets dumped over the phone, and we go inside Jack Rebney's Winnebago for an interview.

Gawker.TV's In-Depth Interview with Jack "The Winnebago Man" Rebney
Gawker.TV had the exciting opportunity to talk with director Ben Steinbauer and YouTube celebrity Jack Rebney before their movie, Winnebago Man, opened at Landmark Sunshine Cinemas on Friday evening.

Joel McHale Calls Out Kathie Lee & Hoda for Being Drunken Hypocrites
Kathie Lee Gifford ranted about Lindsay Lohan's failure to "get some help," which seemed a bit pot-calling-the-kettle-black to us. The Soup went on to highlight exactly what happened during the rest of the episode of Todayhardcore boozing.

Chad Ochocinco's Dating Show Is Like Every Other One, But With Sports
Last night Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch premiered on VH1. Given Chad's proclivity for showmanship in his touchdown celebrations, the show seemed promising. Unfortunately, it was just like every other VH1 dating show, but with sports.

Bill Dumps Sookie Over the Phone on True Blood
Some serious Bill and Sookie drama on True Blood last night when Bill broke up with his southern soul-mate over the phone! After having sex with another vampire! In the first five minutes!

Adam Carolla on Candy, Boobs, and the Role of Women on G4
Adam Carolla visited Attack of the Show last week to discuss his podcast network, but, as usual, the conversation quickly shifted to women and food. Watch Alison Haislip interrupt the interview to passionately defend her bustly dimensions.