So, Western Civilization: it will collapse, soon. Every Wall Street computer will blow up and we'll all be killing each other over the remaining KFC buckets. Fortunately, our leaders in Washington are storing more seeds in the Arctic seed vault!

According to a press release from Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin, he, Sen. Dick Durbin and some congressmen spent their July 4 recess hand-delivering "an eclectic range of New World chili peppers" to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, located "deep in a mountain on a remote Norwegian archipelago near the North Pole."

"The world is interdependent when it comes to crop diversity, the essential raw material needed for a healthy and robust food supply," said Senator Cardin. "As we manage the impact of climate change and other natural and man-made disasters around the world, the seed vault in Svalbard will be the safety deposit box that ensures we can keep that food supply intact."

The so-called "doomsday" seed vault now contains seeds of more than 525,000 crop varieties, making it the most diverse assemblage of crop diversity amassed anywhere in the world. Overall, this week's deposit consists of a total of 537 varieties of 13 crops.

There is no way that these fat cats will share their seeds with us Common Folk. Eww, not like that.

[Image via AP]