Trigger happy record producer Phil Spector's wife, Rachelle Spector, has a new record coming out! It's called "Out of My Chelle," and if the first music video from the record is any indication, it's going to be hot.

The Post sat down with Mrs. Spector, whose famous husband is serving 19 years to life for murdering actress Lana Clarkson in his mansion in 2003. She told the paper that she definitely did not latch onto Phil just to boost her musical career, because she is a legit singer in her own right, and he would have never gotten behind her if "he didn't think that it could stand up to the legends he's worked with... I've been playing the trombone for 20 years."

You hear that, haters? 20 years of trombone. But really, what's it like living all alone in a mansion, now that Phil is rotting in prison?

People have this image that I'm living it up in this mansion. Let me tell you, I drive two and a half hours to see my husband in jail. I have been through all of it, the whole grueling thing. I read through 40,000 pages of court documents during the trial, I know this story inside and out. People say, ‘She's a gold digger.' There's nothing I haven't heard, but I'm not whatever people say I am. If I were ... I'd be sitting by a pool somewhere. My husband knows I'm a good person."

And what are his thoughts on the upcoming release of "Out of My Chelle"? Rachelle says, "I talked to my husband yesterday, and he said he's more excited about this project than he was about The Beatles or Tina Turner." Whoa! He's probably excited because he has so much else going on in his life, like trading smokes for pornos and making 50 cents a month folding underwear and jumpsuits.

Watch Rachelle Spector's greatness:

"Here In My Heart" by Rachelle Spector from Rachelle Spector on Vimeo.

[Image via AP]