The Way We Live Now: differently. Because things are different! Including paradigms. You can no longer judge the future based on past performance. Yes, bad things happened before. But in the future, the sky's the limit. Technology is magic.

Here is some fantastic news for everyone to—if they have any darn sense—lose their minds over: the tech sector now "Defies Gravity." That's because the only way it can go is in an upward direction! Apple is through the roof! Google is to the moon! Intel is above the clouds! If you don't liquidate everything and pour it immediately into blue chip tech stocks, well, buddy, you sure are failing to understand what it means to defy gravity!

Because things are different now.

I know what you're saying: "[Moan, moan, moan about things that happened in the past]. And besides that, Portugal's credit is shot to hell, and the US court system is 100% filled up with automated debt collection lawsuits, and every last teacher in New Jersey is getting out of the profession while they still can, and every bank in Florida is begging for help before they collapse in a pile of rubble. Now is not the time to be hasty."

You know who thinks that way? Losers. Time travel losers. Who live in the past, not the present. And more importantly, the future. Because in the new paradigm, there is only the future. And there is no down; there is only up. There are no things; there is only technology.

Successimagination: Google it! (Once you can afford a computer).