Has anyone seen a six-foot-tall septuagenarian with an oxygen tank and a cane around New York City recently? Because one just robbed a clothing store last week.

A 6'2", 190-pound man in his 70s "hobbled" into midtown Manhattan store Sarar on Friday evening around 9 p.m. before "announcing a stickup," according to the New York Post. (We deeply hope he actually said, "This is a stickup!" or maybe "This is a stickup, see?")

He shot at a fleeing customer (and missed) before letting off two rounds vaguely in the direction of the store manager, shouting, "You want one? You want one?" He didn't hit anyone, though one bullet passed through seven suits and ended up in the jacket pocket of the eighth.

He escaped, by the way, in a "shiny black Cadillac."

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