Howard Stern, lover of feuds (like this one, or this one), has found a new enemy: sexxxy broadcaster Larry King. After King scoffed at the thought of being replaced by him, Stern fought back hard on his radio show yesterday.

It all started when King gave an interview to Steppin' Out, in which he was asked how he felt about the prospect that Stern could replace him on CNN. "No, I wouldn't want to be compared to Howard Stern," said King, before continuing with, "He's not tasteful at all," going even further with, "You go to the least common denominator and that's Howard Stern," and rounding it all out with, "I regard Howard Stern as useless."

Needless to say, Stern was none too happy with King's remarks, and he took to his radio show yesterday to express his disdain in an eight-minute diatribe against The Suspendered One. "It's alleged he was banging his wife's sister and he's saying that I'm tasteless?" said Stern, before insulting King's looks with, "He's a frog—an imp, and he's the luckiest man in show business."

Stern also insulted King's professional career, adding the following:

He did overnight radio. He got no ratings. He moved to CNN, where he had no competition. As soon as MSNBC and Fox News gave him a little bit of competition, the cards folded. Let's be honest, he didn't retire willingly. The man had one foot in the grave. It's obvious, he is no longer relevant.

(This would be the part where I wrote *Snaps* if I weren't such a Larry King stan.)

So far, King hasn't responded to Stern's insults, because he's too busy being ferocious in Anaheim and attending the All-Star game.

Below, Stern's full rant.

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