So, Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler seems to have done something dumb yesterday. He got into an argument with a cabbie over when to pay his full fare, and then didn't pay at all, and then fled before the cops came.

Nadler wanted the cabbie to take him from Union Station to his hotel, keep the meter running while he put his luggage in his room, take him to Capitol Hill, and then get paid for the full trip. Anyone would be frustrated when the cabbie said "no," but hey, D.C. law says you have to pay the fare at each stop and let the meter reset. So you just get over it and pay, right?

But then he says Congressman Nadler told him, "Don't turn the meter off. He wanted me to take him back to Capitol Hill."

According to the D.C. Taxicab Commission, the law says when a passenger gets to their destination, in this case which was the hotel, the entire fare is paid including waiting time.

The law also says if the passenger asks the driver to wait or take him to another destination, that is a new trip and the meter starts again.

The congressman was supposed to pay $8.

"He said I will not pay you if you don't take me running the same meter which we came with," said Habteab.

Habteab says he called police after Congressman Nadler would not pay.

"He said I'm not going to wait for the police and he caught another cab and left," said Habteab.