For $50,000 anyone can spend 24 hours with her. This bad actress keeps her job by sleeping with the boss and this comedian's wife can't keep a nanny. Damn, sometimes the gossip columns read like the want ads.

1. "This actress knows how to make the most of surviving in a bad economy. Not content with her income from acting roles, she offers a little personal service on the side, available to both men and women. Anyone can spend a full 24 hours with her for a mere $50,000. While there isn't a published list of the services included, we were informed that that she is willing to get incredibly personal with you for the money. Generous tip expected." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This C list television and movie actress who is currently on a middling success on a network is not winning friends among the cast. She is currently dating a married producer on the show which she seems to feel gives her carte blanche to be the biggest b**tch she can to the female cast. As for the men, she flirts with them all non-stop and got one of her C+/B- list actor co-star into a huge fight with his B list movie girlfriend. The reason? Our troublemaker came into his trailer holding a towel and asked him if he could unscrew a jar of pickles. I kid you not. Pickles. Just at that moment, his girlfriend decided to pay him a visit. Absolutely no one likes her, except the boss. So, she stays." [CDaN]


3. "Which comedian's wife can't keep a nanny? Word on the street about how abusive she is as a boss has would-be employees turning down major bucks from her." [P6]

4. "Which sexy singer is cheating on her boyfriend with a bartender she met at party? She looks like the sweetest thing - but she is really a rather naughty minx." [UK Mirror]


5. "Which Hollywood producer is divorcing his actress bride after just a few months of marriage because he caught her cheating? The beauty had a tryst with the son of a prominent couple in the sports world." [P6]

6. "Which divorced lawyer, a regular talking head, moved from New York to Los Angeles with her children because of her love for a much younger suitor?" [P6]